Batch Export - Script for Maya

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Batch Export - Script for Maya

Collin Harris
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Batch Export v1.0

Batch Export is a script I wrote for Maya to help speed up the time it takes to export out large tilesets and modkits piece by piece.

Just select the objects you want exported and then the folder you want them to be exported to! Click the export button and all of your selected objects have been exported with standardized pivot points at 0,0,0!

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Open Maya

Step 2: Open the script editor

Step 3: Open batchExport.py in your text editor of choice

Step 4: Copy and paste the entire .py file into the Python tab in your script editor

Step 5: Under the "File" toolbar, select "Save Script to Shelf..."

Step 6: Name the script something descriptive, like "Random script I downloaded from the internet that is totally not a virus"

How to Use

Step 1: Run the script you just saved to your shelf

Step 2: Select all objects in viewport that you want to export.

Step 3: Click the "Browse" button to select what folder/directory you want to export your objects to.

Step 4: Click the big button that says "EXPORT CURRENTLY SELECTED OBJECTS"

Step 5: YOU DID IT !! ! ! Now check your folder and (hopefully) all your shiny new OBJs are sitting pretty in whatever folder you selected earlier.


If you have any questions, or things aren't working correctly you can contact me on Twitter (@grossbloy) or through my website (collinharris.com)!


I want this!
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